Overnight Care

The night can be a lonely and unsettled time, bringing with it a heightened sense of vulnerability and uncertainty. The peace-of-mind of having a specialist carer at hand can make a world of difference.

Beechfield Overnight Care ensures that both your loved one and you sleep easier. We offer two types of ‘after hours’ care.

Waking Night Care Program

On our Waking Night program your carer is vigilant throughout the night, there immediately to deal with any distress or needs. Alert at all times, your carer can assist in multiple ways, providing help in going to the bathroom, a hot drink to aid sleeping or a comforting companion to talk to.

Sleeping Night Care Program

Though not awake all night, carers on our Sleeping Night program perform an equally important function. Your loved one enjoys an increased sense of security and contentment, safe in the knowledge that a trained carer can be roused at the press of an alarm button should they get into any difficulty.

To enquire about our Overnight Care programs please call our Head Office at 01 634 6816 or email our Home Care Manager: paul@beechfieldprivatehomecare.ie