Beechfield Disability Support & Personal Assistants

Specialist support can be hugely beneficial to a person living with a disability. Our Personal Assistants empower the individual to exercise greater control and enjoy a more active home and social life.

Personal Assistants have different skills to the average care worker. Uniquely qualified to provide tailored disability care they are experts at developing a supportive environment that enables independent living.

The Personal Assistant performs a mentoring role, navigating their Leader through the everyday challenges of life at home and in the community. Highly trained, our PAs offer you the benefit of extensive practical experience gained from dealing with all manner of intellectual and sensory disabilities.

With the support and motivation of a dedicated Personal Assistant it becomes easier to complete everyday tasks that are key to a richer, more rewarding life:

  • Work and study
  • Grooming
  • Specialist needs
  • Food and diet
  • Exercise
  • Social outings

To enquire about working with a Beechfield Personal Assistant please contact our Head Office at 01 634 6816 or email our Home Care Manager: