Our Carers

Quality home care means more than just being an extra pair of hands. Beechfield Carers are chosen for their relationship skills and empathy, traits that allow them to communicate effectively with family members and be a source of positivity and motivation for the loved one in their care.

When you are assigned a Beechfield Carer you have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have a highly trained, thoroughly vetted person on your side. All our carers pass a thorough screening and induction process comprising Garda Checks, psychometric testing and panel interviews and complete a 36hr practical training program with an experienced Beechfield Care Group mentor.

We choose carers whose experience and academic qualifications show their dedication to a career in care. We then support them with further training to become specialists in their chosen field of homecare, be it dementia care, disability care or any of Beechfield’s other areas of homecare expertise.

In a world where there are lots of amateur home carers what sets Beechfield’s carers apart is their professional training, commitment to personal development and the support of an established care organisation with proven systems and standards.

If this sounds like the type of person with whom you would happily entrust the care of your loved one, please get in touch.